Waiting for Residency Issue – How You Can Resolve It?

Residents in the UAE often find themselves stuck in this issue and many don’t even know how to resolve it. Here, we will elaborate on what the term “Waiting for Residency” means and how you can overcome this problem online.

By doing so, you can easily move ahead with your life in the UAE and would not be facing more difficulties appertaining to residency issues.

Waiting for Residency Issue – Emirates ID Status Explained

Waiting for Residency Issue

Residency Issues: Common Causes

Following are the three major reasons for issues in residency in the UAE:

Administrative Mistakes

Sometimes, residency issues can happen by errors made by the administration such as putting incorrect information on an applicant’s status by authorities. Although this is not a very common cause it might be one of the causes for it.

Residency Visa Expiration

This is the main reason people as why people are waiting for residency issues on Emirates ID. Most residents do not renew their visa 30 days after its expiration and some get stuck while processing for their visa.

Documents Missing

This issue arises when there are some missing documents of while applying for residency such as a passport, Emirates ID, or other documents.

Best Way to Fix This Problem Online

The problem of the “Waiting for Residency Issue” is a pain in the neck for many citizens living in the UAE. However, most people aren’t aware that it can be resolved easily online by visiting the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratizations (MOHRE) or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website. Following are the steps to undergo to resolve this issue:

Step 01: Visit the MOHRE or GDRFA website and register an account on it if you haven’t registered and then log on to it.

Step 02: After doing so, go on to the “Residency Services” or “Visa Services” option.

Step 03: Now select your desired option which is “Resolve Residency Issue” or ” Renew Residency Visa”.

Step 04: Now enter the required information from the website such as passport number, nationality, Emirates ID, etc.

Step 05: Pay the required fee for processing and you are done with the procedure. You can track your residency issue status by visiting the website and logging in with your information.

Are You Facing A “Waiting for Residency Issue” When Applying for An Emirates ID Card?

If you are facing this issue, you can follow the below-mentioned procedure online to get your application going again.

Step 01: Go on to the official website of the ICA.

Step 02: Now click on Ask Hamad (Live chat)

Step 03: Finally, enter your First and Last Name, email, and request number, and then chat for your queries.


Tips to Resolve the Waiting for Residency Issue

  1. To avoid any delays in your residency, make sure to check your application status. As the government regularly updates their portal it is essential to keep your portfolio up-to-date to avoid delays.
  2. Resident should keep their documents up-to-date such as their Emirates, ID, passport, or other documents to avoid delays in their cases and to live a hassle-free life in the Emirates without facing any problems while residing in the UAE.
  3. The most important of all is to be patient after applying for a residency visa. It is a long and hectic process, and having patience is one of the key traits that a person must possess to ensure a residency permit. There’s no standard time for getting a residency visa and residents obtain it in different durations.
  4. Lastly, if you are still having problems obtaining a residency visa, then you should consult an Immigration Lawyer for this matter. They are quite aware of the circumstances and can get your issue resolved with their expertise. Hence, consulting an Immigration Lawyer may be a good solution for those waiting for residency issues.

Issuing Residency Visa 


How Can I Be Patient While Waiting For My Residency Application To Be Approved?

The process for the issuance of the residency permit takes time. This may vary from person to person and there is no such thing to do about it. In the meantime, you should keep yourself occupied by doing some other chores.

How Can We Resolve The Waiting For Residency Problem?

You can solve this problem through patience and maintaining composure. You can start your new life as a resident of the UAE if you have the right guidance and support for it.

What are the common causes for residency application delays?

The following are some of the reasons for this.

  1. Errors in the application
  2. Processing time
  3. Missing or incomplete documents

Should I Hire An Immigration Lawyer For My Residency Application?

The answer to this question is yes. You can hire an immigration lawyer if you are having difficulties residency application process in UAE. By taking the help of such an individual, your time will be saved and you won’t have to

What can I do to keep my residency application documents up to date?

First, you should check the requirements for your UAE visa documents (be it of any type) and ensure you have all of them. It is essential to update these documents, and you should also discard the expired documentation.

Where can I check my residency application’s status?

You can track the progress of your residency application’s status online on the authority’s website. You can also do it by visiting the Immigration office. Ensure to have all your documents checked for further updates or changes. 

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