How to Check UAE Travel Ban Online 2024

The United Arab Emirates provides endless opportunities for people from all around the world and so individuals from diverse backgrounds live and work in the UAE. The country’s luxurious lifestyle and picturesque landscapes also attract tourists globally. However, have you ever thought of checking for a travel ban while moving in or out of the Emirates?

Check UAE Ban Status with Passport Number

In this article, we will discuss how to check for a travel ban in UAE along with the reasons for it.

What Does A Travel Ban Mean?

A travel ban is a restriction imposed on an individual by the government which prohibits them from leaving a country. There are legal and administrative measures that can prevent an individual from traveling to a particular country. These travel bans can be long or short-term and can be mainly because of diplomatic, legal, health, or security concerns.

Travel Ban in UAE

The UAE Immigration imposes a ban on specific individuals due to legal or personal concerns. These individuals cannot leave the country if the ban is imposed. Residents of the United Arab Emirates avoid checking for it while traveling. However, it is advised to check for your Immigration status every time you are willing to leave the country for any reason to avoid unfavorable circumstances. To promote local laws and maintain international standards, the government of the UAE is inclined towards imposing a strict UAE travel ban for any individual leaving the country.

Reasons for Travel Ban in UAE

Following are some reasons for the travel ban in UAE which may lead to serious repercussions for an individual living in or traveling to Dubai.

  1. Employment Without a Work Visa
  2. Revocation of Work Permit While Departing From the UAE
  3. Unpaid Debts
  4. Visa Overstay
  5. Ongoing Criminal Prosecutions
  6. Rent Conflict
  7. Violation of Immigration Laws

How to Check Travel Ban in UAE Online?

Residents of the United Arab Emirates are not mostly unaware of the circumstances that might lead to a UAE travel ban. Therefore, they avoid checking for it which might lead to serious consequences for them while traveling.

Following is the procedure for how you can do a UAE travel ban check online and save yourself from hefty repercussions.

Step 01: Visit the official Dubai Police website. You can also download its official mobile app from the Play Store.

Step 02: After logging in, select the “Access Services” option.

Step 03: After that, enter your ‘Full name’ and ‘Emirates ID’ and then select ‘Search’.

Step 04: Now if you are imposed with a travel ban, you will be required to travel to the nearest police station along with your passport copy, Emirates ID, and the authority letter.    

How to Check For Dubai Police Travel Ban?

For a Dubai travel ban check, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the nearest Dubai Police station.
  • Or make a call. The operator will ask you to provide your passport number along with some other essential information. The residents can call the Amer Center Dubai at the toll-free number 800-5111, while callers from abroad can do so by calling +971-4-313-9999.

How to Check the Immigration Ban in Abu Dhabi and Other Emirates?  

Residents of the Emirates are required to visit the Judicial Department Abu Dhabi website or mobile application in order to check for any claims filed for public prosecutions against them. Other than that, the Estafser e-service requires a unified ID number to make requests appertaining to cases. You can check the travel ban in Abu Dhabi through these methods.

Latest UAE Travel Ban News

The government of the Emirates has recently launched a “Smart Fine Payment” service. With the help of this platform, criminally convicted individuals can pay their fines and lift their travel ban. Dubai’s Prosecution Department is taking this step to assist people who face difficulties while traveling. Paying fines is easy, so the court can lift the ban once it decides.

According to the authorities, this is a step towards the government’s ‘Services 360 policy’. This new fine payment method has improved the process of judgments in such cases. Judgments, execution rates, and absentia cases can all improve through this service.

The new fine payment service has three payment options:

  • Individuals facing this particular ban can visit the Public Prosecution website and pay their fines online.
  • They can log in to the link sent on their phones with the fine and then pay for it. To log in, one must possess a UAE’s digital identity.
  • There is also the option of using payment machines in this regard. These machines are located in different areas of the Emirate, and people can access them to pay associated fines.

After you have paid the fine, you will receive a message from the Dubai Public Prosecution Department. This SMS will state the confirmation of your fine payment and the immediate lifting of the travel or arrest ban.

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