Emirates ID

The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the world’s top business hubs. The country stands out in the Arab Peninsula for its remarkable progress and innovation, attracting workers and travelers from all around the world. Residing and working in the UAE is a dream for many individuals worldwide. There are a few who get to experience its greatness in terms of picturesque landscapes, deep-rooted cultural heritage, and architectural structures.

In this category, we have emphasized that the Emirates ID card is an identification document in the country and must be possessed by individuals living in the UAE. Without holding it, you cannot be considered a legal resident of the land and can be posed with hefty fines. You will find detailed information on topics related to the Emirates ID, such as, how to apply for it, checking fines by its number, its benefits in the Middle East, and much more. Make sure to comprehend the procedures for it and go through the laws appertaining to the Emirates ID card.

How to Check Medical Insurance Status with Emirates ID?  

Check Medical Insurance Status

A question always comes to mind for citizens of the UAE. They want to know “How to check medical insurance with Emirates ID”. It is even important to know what an Emirates ID card is and why it is mandatory for residents, citizens, or ex-pats of the UAE. The Emirates ID card is an official identification document that is issued ... Read more

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Emirates ID Renewal in Dubai: Processing Time, Fees & More

Emirates ID Renewal

The Emirates ID card is an identification document that should be possessed by the residents of the UAE. This ID document provides its residents with various facilities and benefits as long as it remains active. Otherwise, a few weeks after its expiration, the holder is liable to pay for its fines and update it as well. So, it is better ... Read more

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Emirates ID Fine Check in 2 Minutes | Sharjah Police Fines

Emirates ID Fine Check

In the UAE, the violations of traffic rules and other policies are a serious crime. As security is a very important issue, it ensures peace and harmony between its citizens and its drivers. Also you can lose your income when you violate traffic laws or forget to pay for parking in the United Arab Emirates. If penalties for driving badly ... Read more

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How to Apply for Emirates ID Online in Just 5 Minutes

How to Apply for Emirates ID in UAE

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security issues the Emirates ID, which is the UAE identification document. Residents of the United Arab Emirates must possess this document or face hefty fines. Moreover, it should be with you while you are traveling for any purpose. To issue this document, there are certain procedures that the UAE residents should ... Read more

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