Emirates ID Renewal in Dubai: Processing Time, Fees & More

The Emirates ID card is an identification document that should be possessed by the residents of the UAE. This ID document provides its residents with various facilities and benefits as long as it remains active. Otherwise, a few weeks after its expiration, the holder is liable to pay for its fines and update it as well. So, it is better to renew your Emirates ID before it expires to save yourself from hefty fines and spend trouble-free time in the Emirates.

How to Renew Emirates ID in UAE? A Step-by-Step Guide

Emirates ID Renewal

In this article, we will be defining the process for an Emirates ID renewal along with its fees, requirements, and other necessary steps that are required to do so.

Emirates ID Card Renewal

The ICP (Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security) is responsible for the processes appertaining to the Emirates ID card. The authority also sends a message to its holder prior to its expiration to renew the identification document.

The grace period for the renewal of the identity card is 30 days after its expiration date, and once the grace period has passed, the identity document is no longer valid, and a fine is imposed for its expiration. So, to save yourself from this penalty and further inconvenience, apply for the Emirates ID card renewal a few days before its expiration date.

However, the process for the renewal of the ID document is different for expats and citizens. The inhabitants can apply for it before or after its expiration without any complications. However, the case is different for expatriates living in the country. These individuals are bound to have their UAE residency visa renewed as well if they want to get their Emirates ID renewed. So, expats must have their residency visa renewed prior to renewing their identification document as they are both interconnected.

Status of the Emirates ID renewal

Residents of the United Arab Emirates can check the status of their Emirates ID and whether they’ve applied for a renewal or replacement. They can visit the official ICP website for this purpose for the ID Card Status Service and simply enter their PRAN (Application number) in the column of Check Application Status and then click on ‘Continue’.

In this way, the residents of the UAE can track the progress of their application for their Emirates ID.

Emirates ID Expiration Fine

The grace period for applying for an ID renewal is 30 days after its expiration and till then no penalty is incurred. However, in case it has passed, the holder is liable for an expiration fine which ranges from AED 20 to AED 1000 and depends upon the days passed after the grace period.

Requirements for Emirates ID Renewal

The documents required for the application of an Emirates ID renewal are different for Gulf nationals, UAE inhabitants, and ex-pats. The details for each are defined below as per the ICP official portal:

GCC Nationals

  • For individuals of any age, a passport-size photo (4.5 x 3.5 cm) on a white background.
  • For under-aged residents (15 or less), original birth certificate and passport or Emirates ID of either parent.
  • An original valid passport.
  • A GCC ID card.
  • Proof of UAE residency, such as:
  • -Employment certificate, valid trade license, a certificate to prove that the candidate is a student or a signed employment contract.
  • -In the case of children, relevant documents of the candidate’s parents as evidence of residency in the UAE.

UAE Nationals

  • A passport-size photo of the candidate (4.5 x 3.5 cm) with a white background.
  • When a candidate isn’t present for their document renewal and a third party handles the case, the applying agency needs an original agency certificate.


  • Residency visa under renewal process (if applicable).
  • A valid original passport.
  • Old Emirates ID card.
  • Entry permit or residency visa in original form.
  • For children (aged 15 and under):

-Children’s original birth certificate or father’s Emirates ID or passport.

-Sponsor’s passport and valid visa (for newborns).

-A passport-size photo (4.5 x 3.5 cm) with white background.

Process for Emirates ID Renewal 

It is a crime in the UAE to use an expired ID document. Make sure it is up-to-date and with you while you are traveling. To renew your Emirates ID online, you can follow the procedure below:

Step 01: Sign up / UAE Pass: First, visit the official website of the ICP and sign in using your UAE Pass Account. Smartphone users can download and install the mobile app which is available on both iOS and Android Play stores.

Step 02: Paying Fees and Applying: Now fill in the application form with your personal details including your personal and contact details. After that, you should submit the required documents, pay the necessary fee, and submit the application.

Step 03: Obtain residency (residents): If you’re an expatriate living in the UAE, you should obtain your residency visa before getting your Emirates ID card. You can do so by visiting the official website of the GDRFA (the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) or by using its smart channels.

Step 04: Receive Your ID card: Upon successful validation of your application, you will receive an SMS from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) with a link and tracking number in order to track your ID status. You can also do so by visiting the official ICP mobile app or website. Finally, a courier service will deliver the identification card to you, or you can collect it from a service center or a postal office.

Emirates ID Renewal Fees

The cost of the Emirates ID card depends upon some factors due to which the fee varies from person to person. Two main factors that play a role in the charges for it are the specific typing center where you apply for the ID renewal process and the validity of your existing ID. However, UAE nationals, GCC residents, and expatriates are charged the following as the general fee.

UAE nationals: 170 AED for one-year validity, 270 AED for two-year validity, 370 AED for three-year validity.

GCC residents: 170 AED for five-year validity, 270 AED for ten-year validity.

Expatriates: 170 AED for five-year validity.

Note: Before submitting the fee as per your application, confirm your personal information, contact number, email address, and the mode of delivery for the ID card.

Renewal of Emirates ID for Overseas Emiratis

Recent ICP amendments allow overseas UAE nationals to renew passports and Emirates IDs from abroad. Candidates must start the process through the official ICP smart app or website to take responsibility. Moreover, the UAE government has highlighted several aspects concerning photo submission, regardless of the candidate’s age.

  • To maintain a neutral facial expression.
  • Candidates should wear the national attire of the UAE.
  • Your face should be clearly visible, and you should not wear any opticals.
  • Islamic laws allow head coverings.
  • The recommended minimum resolution of 600 dots per inch, and the image should have no ink marks or wrinkles.
  • A passport size photograph with white background.
  • No reflection on the face from any external objects.
  • You should take the picture within the last six months.
  • The face should be straight and not tilted towards the camera.

Processing Time for Emirates ID Renewal 

ID card renewal processing takes one to five days on average, depending on your chosen method. For ex-pats and other individuals who require their Emirates ID on an urgent basis can apply for it. This usually takes around 24 hours to deliver, and they also incur an additional fee for this service.

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