The United Arab Emirates provides opportunities for living a quality life to its citizens. The government of this country is concerned about their employees whether from public or private sectors. They even take into consideration workers from free-zone areas who work on a commission basis. To secure their life and finances in the Emirates, the government has set up insurance plans for them that serve as a safety net for their employees. Here, you will find all the information you need about the UAE’s insurance plans, such as unemployment schemes, life, health, property, liability, and others.

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How to Apply Unemployment Insurance Scheme in UAE

UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme

Employers in all sectors, regardless of whether they are Emiratis or foreigners, are required to participate in the UAE unemployment insurance scheme. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation said that Residents of the UAE or foreign employees working in public and private sectors from anywhere in the world must apply from January 01, 2024. The program was introduced in ... Read more

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How to Check Medical Insurance Status with Emirates ID?  

Check Medical Insurance Status

A question always comes to mind for citizens of the UAE. They want to know “How to check medical insurance with Emirates ID”. It is even important to know what an Emirates ID card is and why it is mandatory for residents, citizens, or ex-pats of the UAE. The Emirates ID card is an official identification document that is issued ... Read more

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