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Find out about the daily life in the United Arab Emirates. In this category, we have explained about daily living Tips, the best ways to spend your time, shopping centers, distinct traditional markets, and everything about daily life in this country. Make sure to peruse these articles to have a better understanding of what’s life like in the UAE.

RTA NOL Card Balance Check Online with Number [Easy Guide]

RTA NOL Card Balance Check

The RTA NOL is a smart card designed and issued by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai and other Emirates. The card is used daily by residents of the UAE if they are traveling in public transport whether Dubai Metro train or a bus. In order to check the NOL card balance, the passengers usually tap it at train and ... Read more

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MOI Qatar ID Check Online | QID Validity / Expiry Inquiry

MOI Qatar ID Check Online

Our detailed guide will show you how to do your MOI Qatar ID check online using your passport number. It is simple and won’t take long. This discussion will also include Qatar ID check renew, related fees, and status and validity checks. The guide aims to help you better understand and manage your Qatar ID online. Learn how to do ... Read more

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MOI Qatar Traffic Violation Check Online 2024 [Easy Guide]

MOI Qatar Traffic Violation Check Online

In Qatar, following traffic rules is paramount, as the Ministry of Interior (MoI) vigilantly enforces these regulations. MOI Qatar traffic violations have hefty consequences, underscoring the country’s unwavering dedication to road safety. From fines to legal actions, traffic laws cannot be ignored. Beyond mere legal obligations, responsible road navigation is pivotal to safeguarding road users. Comprehending and adhering to these ... Read more

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MOI Qatar ID 2024: Online Check | Application | Renewal | Fees

MOI Qatar ID

All citizens, both within and outside the country, must possess a mandatory identification document known as the Qatar ID. Officially known as the Qatar National Identity Card, the government issues this credential to foreign workers, citizens, and residents. In addition to serving as a valid form of identification, it confirms an individual’s residence status and identity. It is used in ... Read more

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Best Places to Visit in Dubai with Family for Free 2024

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is recognized for its booming economy which is driven by trade, tourism, finance, and real estate. This Emirate is located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and bordered by the Gulf of Persia. It is a home to millions of expats from all over the world and provides livelihood to them and their families. Apart from all ... Read more

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FAB Bank Balance Check Online 2024 | First Abu Dhabi Bank

FAB Bank Balance Check Online

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), renowned for its innovative banking solutions, offers a seamless online experience for customers to check their balances effortlessly. With FAB Bank balance check online, clients can monitor their accounts, review transactions, and manage finances with a user-friendly interface. This digital approach reflects the bank’s commitment to modern and accessible banking services. This empowers customers to ... Read more

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Mahzooz Draw Winner Results Today Live [Complete Guide]

Mahzooz Draw Winner Results

Consider purchasing anything for charity purposes, a water bottle for instance. This bottle will not only serve as a charity but also an entry ticket to the Mahzooz Lucky draw (previously known as Emirates Lotto). Through this charity, people have won millions just through a lucky draw win through its ticket number. Now is the time to take action and ... Read more

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How to Apply Unemployment Insurance Scheme in UAE

UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme

Employers in all sectors, regardless of whether they are Emiratis or foreigners, are required to participate in the UAE unemployment insurance scheme. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation said that Residents of the UAE or foreign employees working in public and private sectors from anywhere in the world must apply from January 01, 2024. The program was introduced in ... Read more

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How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai (UAE)?

Open a Bank Account in Dubai

If you are willing or recently moved to Dubai and wish to organize your finances, opening a bank account in the UAE is quite simple. There are requirements where you will have to submit a few documents while doing so, but these are the formalities every bank in the world requires. Open Personal Bank Account in Dubai UAE | Foreigners ... Read more

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List of Customer Happiness Centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Customer Happiness Centers

Customer Happiness Centers are state-owned entities in the United Arab Emirates. They provide official services to the residents of the country in a straightforward and hassle-free manner. They come under the authority of the Ministry of State for Happiness and Wellbeing. This ministry is entitled to oversee social programs, policies, and plans for the UAE. There is often confusion among ... Read more

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