UAE Visa Cancellation: How to Cancel UAE Residence Visa?

International citizens who are residing in the UAE and are willing to leave the country permanently are required to cancel their UAE Residence visa. In this article, we will be defining how to cancel a UAE visa, its procedure, the documents required, the cost, and more.

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UAE Visa Cancellation

Cancellation Requirements for UAE Visa

The cancellation process of a UAE residency visa is straightforward as long as you are not liable to the government for anything legally or financially. To begin your visa withdrawal process, make sure you have no financial debts, such as utilities, car insurance, or home loans. Additionally, you should sell all of your assets, such as your home, car, furniture, etc., in order to initiate a hassle-free visa cancellation process.

However, expatriates cannot apply for cancellation of their residency visa on their own instead, their sponsors are required to do so. In case, the expats in UAE hold a business visa or are investors, then they can apply for their cancellation and do not require any sponsor for the process.

Sponsors are required to pay all salary dues, gratuities, and leave entitlements to expat employees before canceling their employment. Moreover, invoices for the flight tickets have to be paid to the employee before the process of work permit cancellation begins with the MOHRE.

Documents Required for UAE Visa Cancellation

The cancellation of UAE visa status requires the following documents. From the list below, you will need to provide what you are entitled to:

  • Entry permit copy
  • In case of death, a death certificate (within the country)
  • Partner or investor residency cancellation or assignment of trade license
  • Statement of clearance of all financial liabilities
  • An official death certificate issued outside the country
  • Passport copies of the sponsor
  • Emirates ID and passport

How to Cancel Visa in UAE?

Following are some methods through which you can apply for the cancellation of your visa:

GDRFA’s official website or mobile app:

  • Visit the official GDRFA website or you can download the Smart App (Android or iOS) for the process.
  • Start by registering for your account if you are using the application for the first time.
  • Now, select the service required.
  • Fill in the application form.
  • Now, attach the appropriate documents.
  • Pay the applicable fees for the cancellation of the visa.
  • Submit your request.

Amer centres in Dubai:

  • Visit any Amer center in the Emirate.
  • Select the required service at the reception.
  • Submit the documents required to the receptionist.
  • Pay the required fee for cancellation.
  • Submit the request.

Official ICP’s Portal or Mobile App:

  • Visit the official ICP website or download a Mobile App (Android or iOS)
  • Log in / register your account.
  • Select the service you require.
  • Fill in the given application form and pay its required fees.
  • Submit the application.

Typing centers:

  • Visit your nearest typing center.
  • Wait for your turn to come after taking the ticket number.
  • Submit all the required documents to the service staff.
  • Pay the fees required for visa cancellation.

What is The Visa Cancellation Fees in the UAE?

The visa cancellation charges for the UAE residency range between 15 AED to 60 AED. It varies on the method that you are using for the cancellation process. However, it is recommended that you consult the official service provider for the exact cost.

What is The Processing Time for UAE Visa Cancellation?

The processing time for the confirmation of the UAE visa cancellation may take up to 48 hours. However, in case any document is missing, the authority will notify you to provide it in order to proceed further. If you do not submit the required documentation within 30 days after receiving the notification, the authorities will revoke your application.

The ICA will send the notification of visa cancellation via email or message to the registered phone number upon validation.

How to Check Visa Cancellation Status Online?

In order to check your visa cancellation status, you must have your passport number and its expiry. After that, you can follow the below-mentioned process.

  • Visit the official ICP website.
  • Select the ‘Passport Information’ option.
  • Now, select your ‘type of residency’.
  • In the below section, enter your passport number and its expiry date.
  • Select your nationality from the given options.
  • Check the ‘I am not a robot box and click on ‘Submit’.

The screen will display your UAE visa cancellation status, including the expiration date and all other details.

Automated cancellation of UAE Visas

If expatriates living in the UAE leave the country without canceling their UAE visa, the system will automatically cancel their residency. However, authorities will not allow these individuals to re-enter the country, potentially resulting in a travel ban if the visa is not officially canceled. To do so, these former residents of the UAE should contact their sponsors and request them to apply for their cancelation of visas.

There was a traditional method of automatically canceling the UAE visa in which the individuals had to live outside the UAE for six months. However, according to the recent scenario, the government of the United Arab Emirates has introduced a policy of re-entry permits which allows residence visa holders to live outside of the country for over six months.

UAE and Dubai Re-entry Permits

The official staff at the Dubai typing centers have confirmed that residents of the UAE who have lived outside of the country for more than six months can re-enter by applying for a re-entry permit.

However, such individuals will have to re-enter the Emirates within 30 days after the approval of the permit.

Cancellation of visas: Grace periods

Residents of the UAE who have canceled their visas have two options, either to leave the country or to apply for another visa within the grace period. The grace period given to expatriates depends on the category of the individual.’s visa

It is defined according to the category of the expat.

Grace period for:

180 days
  • Skilled professionals (first and second level of the MoHRE).
  • Widows or divorcees
  • Students who have completed their studies
  • Green Visa holders and their families
  • Golden Visa holders and their families
90 days:
  • Skilled professionals (third level in the MoHRE)
  • Owners of property
60 days:
  • Residents of normal status
30 days
  • The rest of the categories

UAE Visit Visa Extensions and Cancellations

It is now mandatory for international travelers to extend or cancel unused visit visas to the United Arab Emirates. If travelers to the UAE are not able to enter the country due to personal reasons, they can extend the validity period of their visit visas by 60 days. This can be done online through the official Immigration portal and costs 200 AED.

According to the Immigration Department of the UAE, travelers who have not entered the country after the approval of their visit visas and are still unwilling to enter the country or extend the duration of their visit visas must cancel their visas. The traveler must request the cancellation of his or her visas because they will not be canceled automatically. Therefore, to enter the country, the traveler must cancel the previous visit visa to apply for it again in the future.

As per the authorities, the official fees for canceling the UAE visit visa range from 160 AED to 300 AED.

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