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The United Arab Emirates is a land of opportunity for people from all around the world. With so many people living and working in the UAE, it is no surprise that there is huge traffic on the roads of the country on a daily basis. Many of those who drive often end up receiving traffic violation penalties, also known as RTA fines, and it is not surprising. These penalties are payable to everyone driving on the roads of the country who breaks the traffic regulations. In due time, this RTA traffic fine requires drivers to pay it, or else strict actions may be taken against them.

In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to do an RTA fine check and pay both online and physically without any hassle.

RTA Traffic Fine Check and Payment in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide

RTA Traffic Fine Check

RTA Fines

Before going into the details of our topic, we will first learn what an RTA Fine is. The Road and Traffic Authority issues this penalty to drivers who violate traffic rules and laws, and drivers must pay it. The motive behind issuing an RTA Fine Check is to maintain stability on the roads of Dubai and the UAE. The fines are issued mainly because of negligent and reckless driving, speeding, false parking, driving without a driver’s license, driving while using a mobile phone, eating while driving, etc. The fines are to be paid on a priority basis and must not be neglected in any case whatsoever. Failure to do so may result in severe consequences such as revocation of driver’s license, impounding of vehicle, or even strict legal action may take place.

RTA Fine Check Online

The Road and Transport Authority issues the fines, and drivers can check and pay them online on the authority’s website. The authority updates the penalty for a traffic violation on the driver’s license or vehicle’s number plate. The message is sent by the authority to the driver upon breaking any traffic regulation and so the violator is liable to pay for it. Once the message is received for violation of traffic rules, the driver can go to the official department’s website for RTA fines inquiry and payment. However, one must possess this essential information for fine payment:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Traffic File Number
  • GCC Debit/Credit card
  • Date of Birth

How to Pay Traffic Fines on the RTA Website?

For RTA fines payment, the process is now very simple and you easily pay online in the comfort of your home without visiting government offices. However, in case of major violations such as driving under the influence or a major accident, the driver must visit the RTA department personally to pay RTA fines.
The procedure for fine payment through the RTA Website is as follows:
Step 01: Visit the official RTA Website on your laptop or PC.
Step 02: Fill in all the required information correctly on the website. This includes car plate details, license number, fine number, and the traffic file number.
Step 03: Check the ‘I am not a robot’ box and click the search button for your RTA fines enquiry.
Step 04: Now choose the payment method through which you are willing to pay for your fine. After that, you can enter your credit/debit card details and pay.

If you are to liable for a payment of more than one fine, you can do so by selecting all payable fines and proceeding to pay for it. You can also save the receipts of fine payments for future reference. This was the whole procedure of how to check RTA fines and pay for them online.

How to Pay Traffic Fines on the Dubai Police Website?

In order to pay for RTA Dubai fines, the traffic violator can pay online on their official website. Following is the procedure for the payment of an RTA fine in Dubai:

Step 01: Visit the official website of the Dubai Police.
Step 02: Fill in all the information correctly as required for fine payment by the website. This includes information on your car plate details, T.C. number, License details, and ticket details.
Step 03: Now press the ‘Search’ button for an RTA fine inquiry Dubai. You will get to know about your traffic violations and the amount payable on your behalf as fines by RTA.
Step 04: Now select the payment method through which you want to pay for your fine. It can be a master, credit, or debit card.

Other Methods for RTA Fines Payment

If you are not comfortable paying RTA fines online, you can also follow other methods for your payment of penalties. Following are some physical methods through which you can pay for Roads and Transport Authority’s fines by visiting in person:

• Government payment centers: There are some official payment centers in all of UAE for fine payment. You can visit these centers and pay via cash, credit, or debit card.
• Bank branches: Fines can also be paid by visiting some government-authorized banks. These bank branches are located in various areas of the country.
• Kiosks: These self-service Kiosks are in certain locations, such as government buildings or shopping centers. You can pay your fine payment through cash or a card.
• Post offices: Traffic fines can also be paid in local post offices in the Emirates. You can inquire about them and pay for your penalties there.
• Fine payment agencies: These offices require payment in cash so you can also pay for your fines by visiting these official agencies.
• Mobile money agents: Nowadays, authorized retailers are also allowed to pay RTA fines on traffic violator’s behalf. You can do so by using their payment methods.
• Traffic police stations: Drivers can also pay by visiting local traffic police stations for fine payments.

You can visit any of the above-mentioned places for RTA traffic fine checks and payment. However, the most feasible and easy to pay traffic fines methods are online which you must undergo in order to save time and effort for fine payment.

How to Pay RTA Fines on Smartphones?

The UAE government has made it much easier for easy online fine payment and now drivers can also pay for it through their smartphones. To do so, you have to download the official Dubai Police Mobile App through the Play Store.

You can do an RTA fine inquiry and payment for it without much hassle through this application. Moreover, the website also aware people about the Roads and Transport Authority traffic rules and regulations by which you can save yourself from these hefty fines.

How Can I Avail an RTA Fine Discount?

The Roads and Transport Authority offers fine discounts at certain times. All you have to do is to be updated on their special promotions and also to avail of this discount, one must meet the eligibility criteria for it. Following are some general points that you should keep in mind to avail RTA fines discount:


1. Be updated on the official website of RTA and their social media pages for their fines discount or promotional campaigns. The authority often offers special discounts for traffic fines payment on these platforms.
2. Drivers should meet the eligibility criteria to avail of such fine discounts. For instance, safe driving, timely payments of fines, or participation in certain programs are some examples of it. However, you should research their official website to meet this criterion.
3. You can also visit the official RTA website or mobile app for an RTA fine inquiry and see if there are any available fine discounts at the moment.
4. Residents can also visit the RTA Customer Service Centers for inquiries about RTA fine discounts. The staff also helps people to know about traffic fine discounts and the payment methods for them.
5. Some discounts have an expiry date so drivers should avail of these offers at the given time frame. To take full advantage of the offer, they should make sure to avail it in the specified period.


Other than that, you should save receipts of the fine payments which you have paid for further reference. This was a detailed guide on How to check and pay car fines in the UAE. The country being a global business hub, has maintained some strict traffic regulations. The rules about the traffic laws in the UAE are some of the most inflexible and violation of them results in hefty fines or even legal repercussions.

However, to save oneself from such disturbances, one must go through all the traffic rules for driving in the UAE. Follow our detailed guide on Emirates ID Fine Check for further information. You can also visit the official RTA website for more information regarding traffic rules and fines payment in the country and have a hassle-free driving experience.

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