NBAD Balance Inquiry | Ratibi Prepaid Card Balance Check

The NBAD Bank salary card is a type of prepaid card used by the residents of Abu Dhabi. The NBAD balance can be recharged from any amount of money through any financial institution in this state and works as a prepaid card which can be used anywhere in the city.

However, the NBAD online prepaid card once reaches its limit, will give signal to recharge and won’t borrow from the affiliated financial institution. The NBAD balance inquiry can be done online and we will tell you the procedures required to do so in this article.

How to Check NBAD Bank Balance Dubai | NBAD Balance Enquiry

NBAD Balance Inquiry

In order to ensure a swift payment system online or offline, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi offers a variety of prepaid cards for different users as per their purpose. The bank also ensures a hassle-free NBAD bank balance check salary card, so that the users can use it whenever they want without worrying much about the balance enquiry time and again. The following are the types of NBAD prepaid cards.

  1. Red e- Dirham
  2. Latibi
  3. Silver e-Dirham
  4. Green e-Dirham
  5. E- Dirham Gold
  6. Blue e-Dirham

The above-mentioned cards can be used for salary check as well in Abu Dhabi if you have an account in the NBAD. However, these cards are also associated with other financial and UAE treasury institutions and can be used by residents even if they do not possess a bank account in the NBAD. All you have to do is just register for these cards and you are eligible to use them.

NBAD Ratibi Card Balance Inquiry      

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) introduced the NBAD Ratibi card for its employees in 2008 in order to eliminate the complications of traditional banking, where payment processes were regulated by organizations, and introduced new measures for banking. Through Ratibi prepaid card, people have now access to digital banking and can use their prepaid cards and pursue other financial tasks from anywhere in the world.

Due to this new Ratibi prepaid card, the financial measures done are now paperless and salary is now deposited not by cheques or other printing methods but directly through Ratibi online. In order to use this card, there is no need for an NBAD bank account and you just have to register for it to use it. Moreover, there’s now no need to even show AED 5,000 as minimum wage to register for it, and the salary or wage is transferred to people on this card online.

The Ratibi card salary check can also be done easily online without going through any complications of traditional banking processes.

NBAD PPC Ratibi Prepaid Card Features

  • Through this card, you can access CDM and ATM networks without any restriction.
  • This card provides free accident insurance.
  • This card does not require a minimum balance to be maintained to maintain access.

Policy and Procedures

Following are the policies and procedures for the possession of a Ratibi bank card.

  • An employer owns a bank account for the company. In this way, the employer serves as a mediator between the employee and the bank.
  • Employers should provide proper training to their staff on how to use the card since low-income workers are unfamiliar with modern banking methods.
  • The receiving bank will cancel the Ratibi card if the ATM confiscates it. A replacement card needs to be applied for by the employer.

NBAD Ratibi Card Eligibility Criteria 

  • Ratibi services require that employees provide full KYC documentation and NBAD requirements.
  • A Ratibi prepaid card can only be obtained by the residents of the UAE.
  • The employer must be an account holder of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

NBAD Balance Inquiry | PPC Online Salary Check

For Emirati citizens who have an NBAD account and are Public Pension Corporation (PPC) employees, you can check your NBAD account balance and PPC salary online by following this step-by-step guide.

NBAD online banking portals offer easy-to-use platforms to perform an NBAD Balance Inquiry and salary check. To complete the process, follow the steps below.

What You Will Need

  • An electronic device (laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet).
  • A stable internet connection.
  • Account credentials for NBAD.

NBAD Bank Balance Check through the Website

Step 01: Visit the official NBAD website in your preferred browser.

Step 02: Log in to your account with your username and password.

Step 03: Once logged in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. In the “Accounts” section, click on “Account Summary“.

Step 04: In the “Account Summary” section, you will see the account type and balance. Here you can view your balance as well as your PPC salary.

Getting Your PPC Salary Information

  • Navigate to “Account Summary” by scrolling down.
  • Here you can see your latest deposits and PPC salary details.

Examining the Transaction History

  • In order to view recent transactions, go to the “Transaction History” tab.
  • You can filter the details by selecting a specific date and time to locate your salary deposits.

You can even set up salary deposit notifications. So every time your account gets credited, you will receive a notification. To do so, simply navigate to the “Alerts” section, then select “Balance Alerts” and set preferences to receive notifications.

How to Check Salary through NBAD Ratibi Card

Ratibi card salary check can be done easily online by visiting the official National Bank of Abu Dhabi website. Following are the steps to take for a Ratibi salary check: 

NBAD Bank Balance Check

  • Step 01: Visit the official NBAD website for PPC inquiry.
  • Step 02: Now enter the last two digits of the fourteen digits of your Ratibi card on the form.
  • Step 03: Now write your correct card ID on the form and then click on “Go”.

The result will be shown immediately after that. Through this process, you can see the list of the last 10 transactions on your card and can also check them date-wise.

NBAD Mobile App Convenience

  • Download and install the NBAD mobile app on your smartphone.
  • You can view your account details and salary deposits whenever you want.

Points to Remember

  • Create a strong, unique password for your NBAD mobile app.
  • Enable biometric authentication for added security.
  • Keep the NBAD mobile app updated with the latest security features.
  • Avoid using the app on public Wi-Fi; choose secure networks.
  • Log out after transactions or balance checks.
  • Review your app’s statements for unauthorized activities.


How can I find my salary deposit if I can’t find it?

You will have to wait a day or two for a salary deposit. If the issue persists, contact customer service of NBAD.

Is online banking with NBAD secure?

Yes, online banking with NBAD is completely secure provided you do not give access to anyone else. Moreover, the account must be logged out once you are done checking the balance.

Is it possible to access the NBAD portal from outside the UAE?

Yes, you can access the portal from anywhere as long as you have an electronic device and an internet connection.

When does the PPC salary get deposited?

The salary for PPC is usually deposited every month.


Through the Ratibi NBAD prepaid card system, the labor laws and human rights laws for workers of Abu Dhabi are protected as the employers have to pay online, so they cannot pay below the minimum wages as set by the UAE government. However, the employers must also train their workers for NBAD Inquiry system. The majority of the laborers are uneducated and unaware of the online system. So, it would be in their best interest if their employers provid them with proper training to use this online NBAD balance inquiry procedure.

You can easily check your NBAD balance online through the above-mentioned procedures. Check your account balance from any device, whether it’s a phone or a computer. You can keep track of your finances simply and safely. No more waiting in lines or dealing with complicated processes. Try NBAD’s online balance inquiry and simplify banking!

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