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Our detailed guide will show you how to do your MOI Qatar ID check online using your passport number. It is simple and won’t take long. This discussion will also include Qatar ID check renew, related fees, and status and validity checks. The guide aims to help you better understand and manage your Qatar ID online. Learn how to do it all without hassle, even if you’re not a computer expert.

The MOI Qatar ID, or Qatar Identification Document, is crucial for Qatar residents. It’s like a personal identity card that identifies who you are. Your Qatar ID includes significant information like your name, picture, date of birth, and a unique identification number. It is not just a piece of plastic – it’s your key to various services and transactions in the country.

How To MOI Qatar ID Check Online Guide Step By Step

If you are a Qatar resident and want your MOI Qatar ID Check, we’ve got you covered. Follow the following instructions to check your ID status online.

MOI Qatar ID Check by QID Number

Step 01: Visit the Official MOI Website

Start by visiting the official Ministry of Interior website to begin your process.


Step 02: Type the QID Number

Enter your 11-digit “QID number” in the required column.

Step 03: Enter the Captcha

Type in the “Captcha” code that is displayed on the screen.

Step 04: Click on “Search”

Click on the “Search” button once you have typed in all the required information.

The system will display your Qatar ID validity on the screen.

Note: You should enter the required information correctly to get your MOI Qatar ID Check Online. This is the process to check the status of your identification document. If the website does not generate the desired results, do not worry. Reload the page and enter the required information correctly to ensure accurate results.

MOI Qatar ID Check by Passport Number

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to perform a MOI Qatar ID check by passport number.

Step 01: Visit the official Ministry of Interior website.

To start the process, go to offical MOI website to check your QID status.


Step 02: Type in the passport number

Select the “Passport Number” option and enter the details in the column.

Step 03: Select your nationality

Click on the arrow in the column and select your “Nationality” from the given list.

Step 04: Enter the Captcha

Type in the “Captcha” code in the column.

Step 05: Click “Search”

Click the “Search” button once you have entered all the required information. By doing so, the website will display your Qatar ID status.

Metrash2 App

Metrash2 App is a convenient and easy-to-use mobile application. It is mainly used to retrieve digital copies of identification documents including your vehicle permit, Qatar ID, driving license, etc.

The following is the procedure for MOI Qatar ID Validity Check using this app.

Step 01: Log in to the Metrash2 App

You will be required to log into the application once it has been installed on your device. Enter your PIN Code and QID number in otder to do so.


Step 02: Go to your wallet

On the application’s main menu, tap “Wallet.”

Step 03: Select Qatar ID

Choose your Qatar ID from the options in the wallet section, and you’ll see its validity right after you click on it.

Qatar ID Card: Why is it Necessary?

The Qatar ID card is an important piece of identification that helps you prove who you are and gain access to various services. It’s a card that people living in the area need to have. It shows who they are with their name, picture, and a special number just for them. Qatar ID is a handy card that lets you use the bank, get medical care, and manage your bills more easily. It also proves that you live in the country legally and follow immigration rules. The standard card helps keep the country safe and is very helpful for dealing with government business, traveling, and getting a job.

Fees for the Smart Qatar Identity Card

The QID Smart Card has several typical charges, and here’s what they usually cost in Qatari Riyals (QR):

Application Fee: The cost to apply is usually about 100 Qatari Riyals.

Renewal Fee: The cost to renew is about 150 Qatari Riyals.

Replacement Fee: If you lose your Smart Card, or it gets stolen or broken, you usually have to pay QR 200 for a replacement.

Before renewing your Qatar ID, check for any fines on the Qatar ID Fine Check website. If there are no fines, you can renew your ID. If there are fines, pay them off first.

Additional Services Fee: Extra services have different costs. If you want to speed up the process, it might cost QR 100 extra. Added things like an electronic signature or a digital certificate could be between QR 50 and QR 100 more.

The fees mentioned here are not exact and could change. It’s advisable to check the Ministry of Interior’s official website or talk to the right people for the latest and correct fee details.

Advantages of the Smart Qatar ID

Smart Qatar ID, also known as Smart QID, provides several advantages. It makes things quicker and safer for people living in Qatar.

Digital Accessibility: Smart QID makes it easy to access your personal information and services online. This way, you don’t have to go somewhere in person as often.

Enhanced Security: The new ID card is safer because it uses fingerprint scans and digital signatures. This makes it harder to fake an identity or steal personal information.

Multifunctionality: Smart QID is not just about showing who you are. It can do more things like help you use government services online, let you sign documents digitally, and give you safe ways to visit different websites.

Contactless Payments: This revolutionary smart card technology lets you pay without touching anything. It’s fast, easy to use, and fits well with our lives today, always using gadgets.

Efficient Verification: Smart QID simplifies verification processes, streamlining interactions with government and private entities, contributing to a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Data Protection: The incorporation of secure digital features enhances data protection, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of personal information stored on the card.

Integration with Smart Services: Smart QID may integrate with smart city initiatives, providing residents with seamless access to a range of smart services and facilities within the country.

Overall, the Smart Qatar ID is designed to offer a more secure, efficient, and technologically advanced means of identification, aligning with the evolving needs of residents in a digital era.


How to check Qatar ID status?

  • Step 01: Visit the official MOI website.
  • Step 02: Select “Inquiries“, then “Other Inquiries“.
  • Step 03: Select the “Official Documents” tab.
  • Step 04: Enter your “QID Number” and “Captcha“.
  • Step 05: Click “Search“.

How to check Qatar ID fine?

  • Step 01: Visit the official MOI website.
  • Step 02: Select “Inquiries“, then “Traffic Inquiries
  • Step 03: Choose the “Traffic Violations” option.
  • Step 04: Enter the vehicle details and captcha code.
  • Step 05: Type the vehicle owner’s “National Identity Number“.
  • Step 06: Click “Search” and verify your violations.

How to check Qatar ID renewal?

For Qatar ID Check Renew, start by visiting the official MOI portal. Type in the 11-digit QID number from your identification card. Enter the captcha code and click “Search”.

How to check Qatar ID block or not?

Visit the MOI official website and select “Inquiries“. Then selectOther Inquiries” and “Official Documents“. Enter the QID number and captcha code and click “Search”.


In short, the Qatar ID Online Check shows the Ministry of Interior supports using new technology. It also makes it easy and quick for people living there to handle their ID matters. It is now easier to check and update Qatar IDs because you can do it online using your passport number. This shows that the system is designed to be helpful for users. The MOI Qatar ID Check Online facilitates office work, and it fits well with what people today need and want. The online system for checking who someone is makes it easy to get into and retrieve important personal documents. It helps people quickly find the papers they need without trouble.

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