How to Check Etisalat Number Owner Details Online?

Individuals living in the UAE usually want to check their Etisalat number if they are new to the UAE. Also, some of these individuals want to know “how to check the name of Etisalat phone number owner”. However, there are simple techniques to do so but most aren’t aware of these methods.

Check Etisalat Sim Owner Name in Few Mintues

Check Etisalat Number Owner Details

In this article, we are going to introduce some methods for you to check Etisalat numbers online by using your mobile phone device.

How to Check Etisalat Number?

To check your Etisalat number, there are various methods. However, we will tell you three simple methods that you can perform easily by using your mobile phone.

Method# 1: 

This method is known as the Etisalat number check code method and you can perform it by just sending an SMS even when you’re left with no credits on your phone. Following are the steps to perform this method.

  • On your phone, go to the dialer and dial the code *101#.
  • You will come across different options on your mobile phone after doing so.
  • Now select option ‘1’ which is ‘Account Management’.
  • After doing this, you will now see 6 different options on your mobile screen. Now enter the number ‘3’ for ‘Account Information’.
  • Now enter number ‘3’ again which will show the option, ‘Know My Number’ and finally tap on the ‘Send’ button as shown in the screenshot below:

You have successfully performed the method, “How to know my Etisalat Sim number through check code”. After completing this process, you will get to know your phone number as it will be shown on screen.

Method# 2: 

This method is very simple and the good thing about it is that you won’t have to dial different numbers in order to select the right option. Simply dial the code *101*1*3*3 and a pop-up will appear on your screen showing your Etisalat phone number.

Method# 3: 

This method is pretty straightforward but you can do so if you have a little credit on your phone. You can simply dial any colleague, friend, or relative and you can view your phone number on their mobile screen.

How to Check Etisalat Sim Number Owner Name?

Following are a few methods through which you can check the owner name of an Etisalat number.

Method# 1: 

Simply go on to the dialer of your phone and dial the code *248# and a pop-up screen will appear showing the name and phone number of that telephone number owner.

Method# 2: 

You can also check for the number owner’s name by calling on ‘100’. A member of the customer service team will assist you and will ask for some information to verify your details and will tell you about the phone number and owner’s name upon successful verification.

Method# 3:

One more method is by visiting the website and entering your number on it. After doing so, you will get to know about the information of that individual who is registered with this phone number. The image shown below is what you will see upon entering the number on this website.

Points to Consider

  • The most convenient and authentic method is to dial ‘100’ and get the information through the company’s official customer representative.
  • In addition to the sim owner’s name, you can obtain full details about the registered individual by dialing on company’s number. Once your validation is confirmed, the company will provide you with their address and location.
  • Through the “Etisalat Collect Call service”, you can call anyone without any balance left on your phone and the other person will have their balance deducted in this matter. This offer is available to all prepaid and postpaid customers of Etisalat and is done by mutual consent.
  • The methods provided above in this article will work only for active sims and the information for inactive sims will not be provided.
  • You can only perform these methods while living in the UAE. These codes won’t work outside of the country.
  • Codes may be changed by the company at any time as they deem necessary. So, in case of any information or updates, you can head on to the official Etisalat website.
  • Etisalat number check code: *101#

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