RTA NOL Card Balance Check Online with Number [Easy Guide]

The RTA NOL is a smart card designed and issued by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai and other Emirates. The card is used daily by residents of the UAE if they are traveling in public transport whether Dubai Metro train or a bus. In order to check the NOL card balance, the passengers usually tap it at train and bus stations before entering the vehicle.

However, let’s suppose you are nowhere near the station and still want to check your RTA NOL card balance while only having an internet connection on your smartphone or laptop. You can do so easily by visiting the official Roads and Transport Authority website and following some simple steps as mentioned below.

How to Check Remaining Balance in Your NOL Card Online?

RTA NOL Card Balance Check

Following are some steps that you can undergo in order to check the remaining credits of your NOL card.

  • Step 01: Visit the official RTA website and select the ‘Public Transport‘ option. After that, click on ‘Check NOL Balance‘ button which is highlighted in purple.

NOL card check Dubai

  • Step 02: Now enter your NOL tag ID which is mentioned at the back of your card.

NOL card balance check online

  • Step 03: Click on ‘Search’ and verify the captcha if required and the website will display your remaining card balance.

NOL card check Dubai

This was a brief procedure to do an NOL card balance check online. You can easily do so if you have an internet connection and a mobile or a PC.

How to Check NOL Card Balance in Mobile?

The RTA NOL card balance check can be done by using the official NOL Mobile App. You can follow the below-mentioned procedure for this matter.

    • Step 01: Download and install the official NOL mobile app (AndroidiOS).
    • Step 02: Register on the app by entering all the required information on the registration page.
  • Step 03: After doing so, there will be an option of associating your NOL card with your mobile app. Tap “Accept” in order to proceed further.
  • Step 04: Now you will be able to check your NOL balance after linking the mobile app to your NOL card. You will be able to do so by tapping on the “Check Balance” or “My Card” option.

Check NOL Card Balance in Mobile

The above-mentioned was the answer to the query of how to check balance in NOL app. Through this method, you can inspect your NOL remaining credits by simply having an internet connection and a smartphone.

Advantages of Having an NOL Card

The Roads and Transport Authority introduced the NOL card to provide convenient access to public transport in Dubai. People used this smart card to travel on metros, buses, and trains. However, with the passage of time, the authorities have created other benefits for a NOL card holder. A few of them are listed below:

Advantages of NOL Card

  • Payment of food and grocery items at some authorized stores and shops.
  • Low fares cost and convenient payment for parking.
  • Can travel anywhere in Dubai using the NOL card.
  • Other concessions for students, senior citizens, and differently-abled nationals.
  • Provides access to most daily visited places so don’t need to carry cash.

Types of NOL Cards

The types of NOL cards have different purposes and the use of different cards varies from person to person. Different types of smart cards have varying top-up limits, allowing users to use them accordingly. Following are some types of NOL cards:


Silver Card

The card is perfect for first-time users and has access to different modes of transport such as metros, buses, water buses, etc. You can purchase it from any ticket office, and it costs AED 25, which includes AED 19 e-purse value. The card has a top-up limit of AED 1000 and remains valid for up to 5 years.

Gold Card

The card possesses similar features as the silver card. However, this gold card provides access to the Gold class cabin in the metro along with special services. The card also costs AED 25 (including AED 19 e-purse value) and has a top-up limit of AED 500 along with a validity of 5 years.

Blue Card

This card is specially designed for students aged 3 to 23 and offers discounted fares for students, senior citizens, and differently-abled people. You can safely top up the card online, and it is available for purchase at AED 70, which includes AED 20 e-purse value. It has a top-up limit of AED 5000 and is also useable up to 5 years.

Red Ticket

This card is specially designed for people who occasionally travel on public transport. You can buy it for only AED 2, and it remains valid for up to 90 days. You can load the NOL red ticket with 10 one-way journeys or 5 customary passes.

Customized Card

People usually use the card for fare discounts, and you can purchase it for AED 30. It offers a choice of 16 Dubai-inspired designs, and you can top it up to AED 1000 with a validity period of 5 years.

NOL Card Requirements for Concession in Fares

The discounts or concessions allowed on fares are for certain residents and citizens of the UAE which includes students, senior citizens, and differently-abled individuals. However, the requirements for fare concessions vary from person to person:

  • For students: A national identity document and a stamped verification letter from school/college/university including the name of the student, his/her ID number, education level, and academic year.
  • For senior citizens: A national identity card.
  • For differently-abled individuals: You need to provide a national identity document and a government-issued copy of a permanent disability card.

NOL Card Use for Daily Commodities

As mentioned earlier, the NOL card primarily serves as a means of transportation in Dubai, allowing residents to travel on buses, metros, and water buses. However, residents can also use this smart card for purchasing daily commodities and for various other purposes. You can also use this card by following ways.

Uses of NOL Card

  • NOL Card Public Transportation: The NOL card has become an essential commodity for passengers traveling daily on public transport. The Roads and Transport Authority has made it convenient for commuters to travel on public transport without any hassle. To avail this service, you must load the NOL card balance and tap the smart card before entering the vehicle. Otherwise, the authorities will impose a penalty of AED 200 on the person with the NOL card.
  • Buying Food and Grocery Items: You can use the NOL card at different stores all across Dubai and other Emirates such as Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, Zoom, Spineys, Burger King, Aster Pharmacy, and other associated shops and stores. You can use it for payment by simply using it in place of a credit/debit card.
  • Fuel payments: This smart card extends its seamless payment capabilities to EPCO and ENOC gas stations, ensuring that your travel experience is not just efficient but also versatile. So, whether you’re embarking on a daily commute or planning a road trip, let your NOL card be the key to a smooth, cashless journey.
  • To visit museums, public parks, and gardens: The NOL card holders can visit various national monuments such as Al-Mamzar Park, Quranic Park, and Al-Khor Park, along with museums namely Etihad and Al-Shindagha Museum. You can use the card while entering these spots upon entrance.

RTA NOL Card Recharge Online

There are different methods for RTA NOL Card recharge online. You can easily do so in person at recharge machines located at different bus stations or online using the mobile app. Following are some methods defined to recharge your NOL card using cash or by debit card.

Top Up NOL Card

  • Visit the official RTA website and fill in the required information for a NOL top-up. 
  • You can download the official mobile app available on Play Store and recharge your NOL balance online. The application offers more than 40 features for daily commuters for convenient traveling.
  • You can also visit the following service centers in order to top-up your NOL card. These include:
  1. Solar-powered machines located at particular bus stops.
  2. Vending machines available at Dubai bus and metro stations.
  3. You can visit the RTA Customer Happiness Centers for a top-up as they contain smart teller devices.
  • You can also recharge the NOL card balance at Abu Dhabi Commercial Banks and its branches, as well as Emirates NBD Bank.

How to Check NOL Card Expiry Date?

The expiry of the NOL card depends upon your type of card. The NOL red card has a validity of about 90 days while the NOL silver, blue, and gold card has a validity of 5 years. However, you can also check the NOL card expiry from the following methods:

  • by using your card at the metro station while traveling.
  • from the parking meter, when you tap the NOL card on the card reader machine.
  • by online methods as given above whether through the RTA website or app.
  • by entering the tag ID (NOL card number) online. The image below displays the tag ID for this NOL Card.

Check nol card expiry date uae

In conclusion, maintaining a sufficient balance on your NOL card is not just a matter of convenience. It is a smart and practical approach to navigating daily life. At the end of this topic, remember that a well-managed balance ensures seamless journeys, effortless transactions, and a stress-free experience overall. So, recharge your NOL card, ensuring efficiency and ease.

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